Sim McBurney LLP

“Your team has created an office and an environment for us which is far beyond what we had expected could be done within our budget… There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we picked the best design consultants available in Toronto… We are absolutely delighted with our new home.”

Peter McBurney, Founding Partner, Sim & McBurney LLP

Project Overview

Understanding that their landlord was about to start a deep renovation and refurbishment of their beloved historical building, Sim & McBurney’s management team invited McGregor Design Group to begin looking at relocation scenarios 5 years before they would need to move out of the way of progress. It was eventually decided that the benefits of their building location were far too strong to leave, so MDG assisted in negotiating with the Landlord, an appropriate solution. A freshly renovated floor was pre-prepared, allowing the firm to relocate by one floor, freeing their existing floor to similar improvements. MDG worked with the Landlord’s architects to ensure new elements were located advantageously for the legal firm’s intended use, and would not need to be repositioned, saving considerabe money. Special elements of their old floor were salvaged and reused in fresh ways, for both sentimental and budgetary reasons. By working with concentrated effort for the client and capturing all opportunities for value, the McGregor Design Group produced a facility that very pleasantly surprised their client.


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