Prudential PPI Financial Group

“…MDG was an integral part of our success…. Their marketplace and design experience, professionalism and consistent team approach reached far beyond the floor-plan design aspects of our project. … MDG’s recommendations more than paid for themselves…”

James A. Burton, Chairman, PPI Financial Group

Project Overview

The McGregor Design Group was hired by PPI Financial Group, (the holding company of Prudential Life Assurance Company) to provide full scope assistance to both companies as they started their process of reviewing their office facility options. This was a very special project for the McGregor Design Group; as early involvement allowed them to greatly increase the value of their contribution to the overall project’s success. They used their considerable experience to act as guardians for their clients through every step -ensuring that they always knew their options before having to make a commitment. Understanding the problems with the current location, MDG started their work with the definition of both groups functional needs, and then developed a ‘square footage impact report’. MDG was then asked to assist in the selection of a real estate broker, which lead to the review and evaluation of all new location options. ‘Technical Audit Reports’ prepared by MDG, assisted the client in identifying their favoured option, before they started their lease negotiations. PPI’s chairman happily advised that MDG’s lease suggestions had just saved them an unprecedented amount, over the length of the term. Just one more way the design team felt they ‘earned their keep’ on this project, through more intensive involvement. Once their new location was selected and budgets established, the design work could start. The new facility required all new furniture, and included a high end meeting complex, rear-view televideo conferencing and large private offices for executives. Custom furniture was designed to reduce the costs involved, while keeping the look and quality of the pieces high.


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