Petroleum Industry Leader

“…Your maintenance of the critical project schedule, process and budget, through the running of national meetings through regularly scheduled conference calls, was key….We look forward to our next opportunity with your firm, to prove we can once again, ‘do the impossible’!”

Tracey Sullivan, Principal, TMS Consulting Services

Project Overview

Despite an extremely tight schedule and budget, this client wanted the sensitive relocation of their executive headquarters to Calgary to be a smooth process for their employees. Applying the company’s corporate standards and diplomatically re-using a few valuable existing leasehold improvements, MDG designed highly functional, fresh-looking interiors that reflect the company’s origins and history. This was accomplished in a sophisticated and contemporary design that differentiates it from its western-based competitors. Working within the client’s rigorous project management protocol, MDG coordinated the relocation with, as their client phrased it ‘white glove service’, from the initial data gathering, through to personally accessorizing the new offices. MDG dealt with high level security considerations – inventory and protection of the valuable art and antique furniture collection, relocation of the company’s private executive airport and air flight office, and the secure relocation of all executive documents. MDG’s creative design, excellent communications and commitment to delivery, resulted in the executives finding the relocation far less onerous than they had anticipated.


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