Mindshare Canada

“Your research … and interest in really understanding our business translated into an educated, intelligent design, …while bringing together our three different companies colours and logos… We continually get compliments… If we need additional work done in the future, we would be sure to bring you back.”

Laura P. White, C.M.A, Director Finance, Mindshare Canada

Project Overview

This global media giant asked MDG to re-brand their reception area to reflect a new international brand launched with their expanded, integrated service offering. Working with a very restricted budget and a tight, three-month turnaround time, MDG conveyed the new message throughout the entire client zone. By retaining, upgrading or replacing existing elements strategically and creatively, MDG expanded on the themes they had previously executed for the main ‘pitch room’. Referencing the pitch room wall fabric’s ‘dot pattern’, McGregor Design Group installed a large round facing multi-messaging plasma screen in the elevator lobby, and a crushed glass wall finish in the reception area, with champagne like bubbles suggesting the elevation of client brands. An existing oval bulkhead detail was made meaningful by suspending a dramatic pendant light, drawing attention to the desk and the signage beyond. Now clearly visible is the simple signature colour block, replacing a busy logo wall mural. Staying under budget while meeting sustainability targets, new warmer lighting and a clever stainless steel display system transformed the existing cold ring corridor into a lively, engaging and purposeful space.


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