Glaholt LLP

“…From the outset, you and your team demonstrated professionalism and organization. These qualities were evident throughout every phase of our project. Our firm’s specific functional and performance goals…were all met… It was a pleasure working with you and the McGregor Design team…”

John Margie, Managing Partner, Glaholt LLP

Project Overview

These experts in construction law set MDG a challenging objective: Create a work environment that would reflect their specialty expertise, welcoming both construction workers and business-suited developers alike, while standing the test of time both functionally and aesthetically -all within a limited budget and tight time frame. Resourcing unique products and developing innovative construction techniques, enabled the design firm to meet the challenges beautifully. Carefully planned, subtle illumination emphasizes interesting shapes and rich textures. Minimal detailing, inexpensive but durable materials and finishes established the look they sought, cost effectively. I-beam references in the custom furniture designs, a stainless steel inset carpet grid, steel-veneered arches, custom textured glass, and intriguing photographs of landmark building projects all speak the language of the firm and their construction related clients. The new offices are considered by Glaholt LLP to be an appropriate reflection of the firm’s identity, and a “very successful project!” to quote Mr. John Margie.


McGregor Design Group
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