Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

“McGregor Design Group has a track record with legal firm design that is of value… in being able to work with us, as partners, in perfecting creative solutions… ensuring we get value for the investment we place in their services.”

Tina Pack, Human Resources and Facility Manager, Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

Project Overview

The McGregor Design Group’s long and happy relationship with this legal firm produced more than 20 projects over a 7 year period. The trust established between client and consultant, resulted in significant projects that re-defined the firm’s space and workstation provisions, to stay current with international standards, while increasing profitability. Work included the redesign of both reception areas and meeting rooms, to implement the new necessary technologies, while upgrading the image. A new model for ‘war rooms’ was implemented to ensure these areas were always available for spontaneous meetings, while keeping trial prep materials under lock and key. Fraser Milner Casgrain regularly used the McGregor Design Group to assist in identifying the cost and facility impact of any contemplated projects, before deciding their priorities. The result: The firm regularly came in on budget, as they were always thinking at least 3 years ahead of ‘need’.


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