“…The forthright and efficient manner with which you used your professional skills to illicit information from the client, establish their program and budget, and maintain their sights on those objectives… As a result of your personal efforts…that project became recognized as a benchmark within the Bank…”

William A. Gallienne, Project Manager and Chief Risk Managing Officer, CIBC Development Corporation

Project Overview

The McGregor Design Group has enjoyed a long working relationship with CIBC, from a private banking centre to Human Resources offices; and then with the newly formed CIBC Development Corporation. The project types were as varied, as the approaches taken, as each needed to respond to the project’s individual challenges.

CIBC is able to speak most fluently regarding the working relationship they shared with the McGregor Design Group:


“Our first project together, a few years ago, involved a highly complex, fast track program to house our Data Centre at Waterpark Place. The program then envisaged temporary facilities for up to seven years in 150,000 square feet of space, pending the completion of a permanent facility. Overlaying a multitude of differing programming objectives from the client, was the introduction to the Bank of a superior furnishings program designed at once to sustain the rigours of 24 hour use in a data centre facility and also to raise the Bank’s standards for office amenities in its working environments.

As a result of your personal efforts…that project became recognized as a benchmark within the Bank for establishing the principles of project planning and the quality of work for numerous other improvements within the Corporation.

Since the inception of your firm, I was involved in recommending your services for the planning of a 60,000 square foot space to house our Human Resources Department. Although not personally involved in that project, I noted with some satisfaction the rejuvenation of project style within our Space Planning Group. I also had the opportunity to be taken through the space by someone within Human Resources who reflected the pride in their working environment – a remarkable departure from the Bank’s conventional style, without a compromise to the budget.

More recently, we retained your firm under less than advantageous circumstances to create a design for our multi-tenant floors throughout Commerce Court West. Senior staff in Development Corporation, who had not worked with you prior to that project, have been very impressed with the range of ability and professional expertise you brought to bear as you assembled the material we required. They also commented most favourably on your ability to evaluate our needs and satisfy the diverse demands of our Marketing, Design and Facility Management Groups.

Over the past few years that we have worked together, you have utilized to our utmost satisfaction a skill set that not only includes an intuitive and tasteful design approach, but also an ability to establish and sustain a rational program for the client. You have also employed excellent skills in the area of consultant co-ordination, estimating and production drawings.

Lynn, I understand this correspondence will be used in the future as a recommendation for the services of your firm. To that end, I am most pleased to lend my support.”

William A. Gallienne
Project Manager and Chief Risk Managing Officer
CIBC Development Corporation


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