Borden & Elliot

“Your designs…capture the essence of Borden & Elliot, and help us make a statement of what we believe our firm represents. Nothing succeeds like success… we look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

Norman L. Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Borden & Elliot

Project Overview

The McGregor Design Group first started their work with Borden & Elliot, when they were selected from a tender call, to implement corrective measures into the client’s new but disappointing office facility. They were told that they were chosen for their willingness to sensitively respect the investment the firm had already made in their leaseholds – and not suggest a complete ‘gutting’ of the space. MDG’s challenge was to illustrate the quality of space the client could have had, using the same budget per square foot as the original less than sucessful project, in a new half floor expansion space. The results of this first project, started a long, happy and fruitful working relationship. As change was needed in the Borden & Elliot space, MDG gradually executed small renovations to implement the new image while improving the functionality of the space. Annually, before budget time, B&E would sit down with MDG to review potential facility projects. MDG would prepare a quick ‘Impact Report’ for each of these potential projects, to allow the legal firm’s management to understand the cost of each, and the impact on the adjacent space. This allowed them to establish which projects would be done that year – and which should wait. This team work between client and designer ensured that the firm’s facility work never went over budget, as due diligence was done before budgets were penned. Financial Success, ensured.


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